Why a BMW x5 is always a good choice

Posted on Aug 24, 2017


Everyone knows how popular the BMW cars are. Now, their x5 model represents an ideal car no matter the reason you are buying it for. Plus, budget is not an issue if you look for used BMW x5 for sale. The features and specs of this car mean quality even if you are not the first owner of it. That’s why you should consider buying a second-hand car, especially if it is all about BMW. For a 4-doored car, this BMW represents a great option both for the driving experience in the city and outside. Here are the main features of the BMW x5:


The BMW x6 comes with a 8 speed automatic transmission with a STEPTRONIC system upgrade. The suspensions are BMW-standard and you will get the full-time all-wheel drive experience. The front and rear anti-roll bars along with the electric power assist steering make driving much easier than before. The seats are 10-way adjustable in the front and they can be heated as you please. In the back you will meet a folding split bench that will give you a lot of storage space when needed. The keyless entry system is present with the x5 so you won’t have to worry about getting the key out of your pocket. The ABS system plus the driveline traction control will meet all your expectations regarding safety issues. Plus, you can use the BMW assist emergency SOS automatic call.


Getting the best out of its 3.0l DOHC I6 24V Twin-power turbo engine, the x5 can reach the amazing value of 300 horsepower at 5800 RPM, not to mention the net torque of 300 at 1300 RPM. The fuel system comes as a gasoline direct injection, given the intercooled premium engine. You can say that this car is a monster on 4 wheels.


The x5 is much like the other cars from BMW: the aspect of it makes everyone on the street turn their heads around. With an amazingly build exterior, this car rocks a clear coat paint with express open-close sliding glass, plus a sunroof with power sunshade. Front and back bumpers are matching and the rocker panel extensions are fitted with the black wheel well trim. You will be happy to use the perimeter or approach lights along with the cornering lights. The cargo area concealed storage will make your back-car visually pleasurable, even though its capacity is big enough.