Useful tips for planning an outdoor wedding

Posted on Feb 5, 2018

People who choose to organize a wedding outside truly know how to appreciate natural beauty. Moreover, they are using it for the most important moment in their life: when they unite their souls and become one. Whether the bride and groom opt for the woods, a field, a mountaintop or a simple backyard, an air of romance will surround the entire event. The guests will become witnesses to the couple’s love under the bright sky and the trees’ green leaves while inhaling the endearing scent of flowers. Indeed, everything sounds magical. However, nature works in your favor to a certain point. From there on, you have to take the wheel and plan the much-awaited outdoor event. The reality is that a wedding is more than just a lovely background. You have to think about the menu, guests, form of entertainment and decorations, among others. Practically, you have to envision the event from the beginning until the end.


Décor and lighting tips

Although the beauty of nature contributes tremendously to your wedding décor, you still need to add some flower arrangements and other decorative elements in various areas. However, if you plan to organize the event during a hot summer day, make sure that you do not allow direct sunlight to affect the flowers. Instead, you should keep them inside the tent and place them strategically about half an hour before the guests arrive. When it comes to lighting, you have to use luminaires and lanterns to indicate where each guest should sit and where the exit is. The idea is to combine decorative lights and guiding lights, especially if the wedding takes place in the woods. If you decide to use escort cards, you have to take precautions because they might fly away because of the wind. There are many ways to prevent that from happening, you can tie them to branches with personalized wedding ribbon or place them on the grass and secure them with rocks.

Adjust your wedding to the season

Once again, if you opt for a summer outdoor wedding, you have to consider the rising temperatures and the powerful sun. Consequently, you must find a shaded area for the ceremony and make sure that all your guests have water and other refreshing beverages at hand. They will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Furthermore, you have to realize that when facing the summer warmth, people cannot consume certain foods, which means that you need to adjust the menu in accordance to the predicted temperatures. This means that you cannot choose ice cream for dessert.

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