Planning a big family reunion – how to make it a success

Posted on Oct 9, 2017


Planning a family reunion might not seem like a complicated thing to do, but if you want everyone to have a great time, and for the party to be more than a dull family gathering, coming up with some planning ideas to make the reunion more enjoyable should be your priority. When it comes to big family reunions, people of all ages will probably be there, so for things to go well, here are a few ideas you can use:

Rent a candyfloss stall

The biggest problem with family reunions is seeing the children of the family actually have fun. To make this entire event seem less of an obligation for the youngsters, you can come up with something that will peek their interest. It’s a known fact that children love sweets, so if you want to surprise them, why not give them their one corner of candy heaven? Renting a candyfloss stall is not as expensive as you might think, and all the kids attending the gathering will certainly be excited to see they have their own cotton candy cart – this will certainly make the entire party more appealing do them.

Plan various family activities and games

The whole point of a family reunion is to give members who do not often have the chance to meet and interact, the possibility to bond and enjoy each other’s presence. In order to make sure everyone remains with some great memories, think ahead about what activities and games to hold. Organizing a treasure hunt in the backyard, a soccer game, a karaoke contest, there are plenty of great ideas you can opt for, which will ensure the fun side of this family reunion. Be prepared and get the supplies you need for your chosen family activities.

Food options

Last but not least, because food cannot possibly miss from any reunion, choosing options should be another thing on your mind. However, because each person might have their own preferences in terms of food, and you might want to please everyone there, you will need to think about what food you will be serve carefully. One option you cannot go wrong with is choosing an open buffet. Simply setting up a table with a wide variety of meals and dishes, so each family member can take whatever they want to eat, at any moment during the party. From burgers for the picky children of the family, to vegetarian dishes for those who do not eat meat, add as many options to the table as you can. This way, nobody will be able to complain that the food served wasn’t to their liking, and everyone will be pleased.

If you have been put in charge of hosting this year’s family reunion, you probably want everything to turn out perfectly. Because people of all ages will be at the gathering, you need to come up with ways in which everyone could enjoy the reunion, child and adult. Renting a candyfloss machine and organizing fun and entertaining activities could make the event a real success, so give these few ideas more of your thought.