Girls summer camp checklist – what to pack

Posted on Dec 19, 2016

One of the best experiences as a child is to go on a summer camp, not only because it is a great way to bond new friendships that may last even for a lifetime, but also because it helps the child develop on many other levels – increased self-esteem and self-confidence, being more sociable and more open-minded are only a few examples. Before going on a girls summer camp, you and your daughter must ensure she has everything she needs for the following days, so here is the checklist you should consider to ensure you pack everything you may need.


Pack proper clothes

Depending on the type of summer camp your daughter is going on and its location, you have to make sure she has proper clothes. For instance, if the camp is located somewhere next to the beach and she is going to have many water activities, it is recommended to pack only thin clothes that are in light colours and under no circumstances should you forget including at least one hat! If the camp is located in a mountainous area, it is best to also pack some sweaters or a parka for instance, in case it gets cold during the night.

Pack camp essentials

Get well informed before sending your daughter to camp and find out whether she needs a sleeping bag or not, a pillow, sheets or blankets. You should also include soap, shampoo and other body washes in the pack just in case, as well as some towels both for showering and swimming. Creams and lotions are also a must when going on a summer camp, so do not forget about sunblock in order to protect her skin from being sunburnt, as well as bug repellent lotions to protect her from mosquito bites.

What you should keep in mind

When packing for summer camp, make sure the items you include are as inexpensive as possible, since in case they are lost, stolen or damaged in any way, no one is going to be heartbroken. This also counts for things that are inexpensive but have sentimental value instead, so tell your daughter to avoid taking such items with her as well. It is best to check what the camp’s policy is in order to see whether she is able to take some disposable cameras with her to take a few photos for the following days. You should also encourage your little one to take a journal or a diary with her in order to record some of the most important moments while in the camp.

What you are not allowed to pack

Worth mentioning is the fact that every camp has its own policy and rules, which is why it is mandatory to check with them before sending your child to camp. Bringing alcohol or drugs to camp is definitely prohibited, as well as fireworks or any kind of weapons. Make sure the camp you choose is has reliable and professional staff, so there is nothing you should worry about.