Eliminate negative stress and experience a carefree life

Posted on Oct 3, 2017

Stress represents a natural reaction of your body and mind to pressure and danger. Any type of stressful event, regardless of its severity causes hormones to rush through your body and make havoc. Thus, the body needs time in order to calm down after the reaction. However, stress should be a response to dangerous problems and not difficulties that you experience every day at work and at home. Therefore, constant stress must be eliminated in order to prevent negative changes in your life. If you want to learn certain techniques or methods on how to manage stress, then you have to become familiar with the difference between positive and negative stress, the causes and effects of the latter on your mind and body.

“Positive” and “negative’ stress

Surprisingly, there are positive and negative causes of stress. The first category includes happy events and emotions like winning an award, purchasing a new home, giving birth, getting a promotion while the second category refers to disturbing events and emotions like divorce, discrimination, physical handicap, frustration, unemployment, death of a relative or a friend. All these situations, especially those from the second category challenge our physical and mental endurance sometimes prevailing and forcing us to respond in a severe manner. Even though “positive” stress is harmless and if you discover how to manage it, you can even obtain benefits from it, you have to set your mind to reject “negative’ stress in order to gain better control of your life and avoid letting yourself influenced regardless the situation.

Effects of negative stress

Negative stress acts like an invisible enemy that conquers your mind gradually and builds tension, which eventually leads to physical and emotional effects that on the long term could prove to be disastrous. Your body may experience chest pain and heart palpitations, nausea and dizziness or frequent colds. When it comes to the emotional symptoms, depression, loneliness, overwhelming and irritability are common while in terms of cognitive symptoms, you could experience memory and concentration problems, anxious thoughts and constant worrying. You may notice that your behavior has changed meaning that your eating and sleeping habits have suffered alterations, you have started to neglect your responsibilities and you became addicted to alcohol or cigarettes.

Eliminate stress from your life

In order to overcome stress, you have to identify the reason for your negative attitude and determine the changes you have to make that will contribute to a better response or reaction. Sometimes, we exaggerate certain situations that do not represent a danger for our health and we have to learn how to avoid this practice. Simple activities like regular exercise, connecting to others, eating a healthy diet, getting enough rest, meditating and relaxing will help you to remain calm in unpredictable situations and learn to carry on your tasks at work and throughout the day under pressure without having a breakdown or becoming depressed. Moreover, becoming aware that you have people you can count on, increasing your confidence, changing your attitude and life perspective could really help you battle negative stress.