Also known as “Anand Karaj”, Sikh weddings are among the most spectacular and full of colour weddings you will ever see. The “blissful union”, because that’s how you translate “Anand Karaj”, is a unique ceremony during which two loving persons are joined in a partnership in which both of them are equal to each other. A Sikh priest will officiate the bonding between the two. It is worth mentioning that every person attending the wedding, whether it is the bride, the groom or any other guest, has to follow some attire rules and some of the most important ones are mentioned below.


A big ‘no’ to black and white

It’s easier to start with “what not to wear” rather than “what to wear” to a Sikh wedding and the biggest “NO” here goes to pure black or white clothes. Weddings celebrate love and the union between two people that love each other, it’s a moment of joy that needs to be cherished. In Sikh culture, black and white symbolize sadness, which is why this type of clothes are usually worn to not-that-happy occasions.

Colours all the way!

If it’s not “black and white”, it must be coloured attire. As colourful as possible. It’s actually a tradition in Sikh culture to go for vibrant colours to special occasions such as weddings. Bright red, deep green, radiant blue, or a huge mixture of any types of colours are all part of a Sikh wedding. It is worth mentioning that black and white clothes are not forbidden to be worn to weddings. If you choose to wear them though, you may feel like out of place. Also, try to avoid wearing bright red dresses, as this colour is traditionally reserved for the bride and outshining the most important person at a wedding – the bride herself – is not a good thing to do.

Avoid going too casual

It is clearly understood that the attire is very important to a Sikh wedding, which is why anyone attending this event should avoid going too casual. Kurtas and plain cotton suits are definitely out of question, as well as t-shirts, denim or any other outfit that lacks embellishments. However, if you go for rich fabric such as brocade or silk for instance, you may skip accessories.

Bride and groom, pay attention here!

The attire tips mentioned above were destined for guests attending a Sikh wedding. However, when it comes to the bride and the groom, attire rules tend to become a bit strict. The bride’s attire is usually formed of traditional shalwar and langa or kameez (a blouse and a long skirt or some loose trousers). She has to cover her head with a shawl that is gold-embroidered. When it comes to the groom, most of the times he wears traditional shrt and some trousers. Also, he has to wear a dark pink or red turban and carry a coloured scarf with him.

Although at first sight these attire rules seem complicated, they are actually not that difficult to follow.

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Top ways to relax after a long day

Top ways to relax after a long day

Posted on Jul 31, 2017


After a long, restless day full of contradictory thoughts and emotions and various conversations with strangers, you need some time alone to mend your body, your mind and your soul. Inform yourself about various relaxation techniques or perform an enjoyable activity in order to reduce and eliminate negative feelings like stress, anxiety, disappointment and frustration. Replace them with serenity, enthusiasm, confidence and satisfaction and you will notice a significant change in your life. Your daily routine will become healthier and more positive.

Online gaming

Regardless the controversial nature of online gaming they have many benefits that you can explore, such as enhancing cognitive skills, challenging your imagination and improving your attention span. So, if you are a fun lover, but you feel lazy and physically tired when you get home, use the internet as a distraction. Online games can do the trick for everyone, whether a teenager or an adult. For instance, Irish Luck slot is a great and free option due to its high quality colorful design and dynamism. It will surely give you a pleasant experience in the comfort of your own room. Test your luck!

Yoga and meditation

Surprisingly, meditation can actually improve your brain’s functions, slow down the aging process and cause the much-desired weight loss. In addition, you will immediately notice a positive change in your daily mood due to an increased relaxation and concentration. It represents the perfect way to boost your energy and it will help you get rid of the accumulated tension throughout a wearing day. Because your attention will be focused mostly on the positive side of life, your problems will not appear as frustrating, fact that will reduce your anger and help you find a perfect balance between school or work and your free time. Learn how to strengthen and relax your body and mind for an improved, less stressful life.

Books or movies

Depending on your passions, you should engage in different stimulating activities beneficial to your development as a human being. For instance, reading represents the best exercise for your mind and specialists advise people to read daily, even a few pages depending on the available time. It has been proven that reading prevents or slows the appearance of certain brain diseases while helping you gain knowledge, expand your horizons, improve you  vocabulary and memory. If you are not a book lover, you can replace reading with movies. Choose from the options offered by the theater in your town or stay home and enjoy your favorite genre alone or accompanied by your best friend. Both represent a pleasant way of entertainment that does not require a great amount of money.

Jogging and long walks

Jogging is a popular outdoor activity that improves your health by preventing medical conditions while helping you lose weight and keeps you close to nature. It also causes endorphins that will automatically change your mood and give you a feeling of happiness. If you want to take a break from jogging or to chase away the routine, long walks are the answer because they increase your productivity and creativity.  Go with a friend or alone to the nearest park and experience the benefits of this relaxing healthy activity; take your headphones and enjoy various playlists containing soothing and chill music genres. If you have a pet, take the chance and spend time together, he definitely feels your absence when you go to school or work.


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If you live in France, and you want to have a baby here, then you should know that the French healthcare system is considered one of the best placed to have a child. However, you have to make sure that when you find out that you are pregnant, you are registered with a midwife or doctor, because they will offer you details on the services you can benefit of, if you have a baby here. You should understand that the process of having a baby in France would be different from the one of having a baby back home. You have to do some research to find more details, and be informed, because the process might surprise you. Here is a guide that will help you find have a clear idea on the things you should expect the following months.


Birth and maternity in France

The majority of parents-to-be choose to give birth at a maternity hospital in France, being assisted by a midwife. The French healthcare system is considered one of the best from the world, if it were to consult the international surveys, and the majority of maternity hospitals here are public. Also, you have the possibility to go to a private hospital, and in this case you will stay more comfortable. But, before deciding the type of hospital you will choose, you should complete the formalite arret 93. In addition, it is advisable to check your insurance, because not all of them allow people to select private healthcare. You should know that giving birth in a private hospital might cost you € 5000 daily, so you have to make sure that you afford paying this tax. If you want to opt for home birth, then you should check if your insurance covers it, because it is considered a risky situation.

Maternity leave in France

The French healthcare system considers mandatory to take at least 8 weeks of maternity leave. You are allowed to take up to 16 weeks of maternity leave, and in the majority of cases, women choose to take 6 weeks before giving birth, and 10 after having the baby. In case you have your third child, then you can have even 26 weeks of maternity leave. However, if you will be giving birth to twins, then you can stay home 34 weeks, and if you have triplets then the period will increase to 46 weeks. In addition, if you adopt a child then you will benefit of the 10 weeks maternity leave. Also, if you experience pregnancy-related medical issues, you have the possibility to extend your leave. Moreover, you should know that during this period your employment contract cannot be terminated. In case you are unemployed, you still have the possibility to opt for maternity leave, but you should check the local regulations and rules, to see what the requirements for this are. If you expect a baby, you should pre-register with a nursery, because it may take a time until you find one that suits your needs. Make sure you are informed on the documentation you have to bring, if you want to opt for childcare in France.

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A present should be a symbol of love, appreciation and gratitude. Therefore, it should look nothing but perfect, in order to impress the one who receives it. But, due to the fact that offering an out of the ordinary gift is not an easy thing nowadays, allow us to share a small secret with you: use ribbons for wrapping the gift and the people who will see it will definitely be amazed. Thus, search for Colour Ribbons and order the necessary quantity.


Why are ribbons so important when it comes to gifts?

  • They make the box of the gift look elegant and fancy.
  • They do not have only a decorative role but they are also efficient. They can help you carry the box easily and also to keep the things from inside safe and secure.
  • They help you recognise your gift. In case you take part in a Secret Santa game and you what to see if the gift receiver will be satisfied with the things that you have offered him/ her, you should add a ribbon to your box and make it easy to distinguish.
  • Using ribbons is also a good idea for those who want to surprise someone with a special cake. Add a ribbon to the cake and it will look interesting.

Other things that you have to pay attention to when you offer someone a gift:

Even if you make the gift look spectacular, you still have to pay attention to a few things. For example, you should make sure that what is inside the box will be a pleasant surprise for those who receive it. Thus, before purchasing something, make sure that you get to know better the person who is about to receive it.


Another important aspect is related accessories. Accessorise the gift with a greeting card or with some flowers in order to make it look complete. But make sure that the person who is about to receive the present does not suffer from allergies. Also, avoid clichés such as red roses for your girlfriend or wife and white roses for friends or work mates. Try to find something different.


Pay attention to colours. Match the ribbons with the colour of the box, in order to create the perfect harmony for the gift. But, it does not mean that if the box is blue, the colour of the ribbon should be also blue. Blue goes well with yellow, white or green. Also, a red ribbon can make your gift look even more special.

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Finding the perfect vehicle for your family is not an easy thing to do, especially if you do not have the necessary experience in this industry. Thus, those who have been through this situation before say that reading the reviews first is something that can really help you taking the wisest decision. Here are the advantages of asking for a professional opinion.

The advantages of reading online reviews:

  • You can find something about the features that you have not paid attention to before. For example, maybe you have not taken into consideration how safety the car is or how comfortable its interior design is. In the majority of cases, car owners have the tendency to be quite superficial. They only pay attention to design and other exterior elements.
  • In case you do not have experience, these reviews can help you find if you have taken the right decision. In case you have not, you can change your mind on time and search for something else.
  • You can also how much fuel the vehicle consumes. There are many cars which may seem like a money-saving alternative, but, when it comes to fuel, they may consume more than you expect. Thus, you have to take into consideration all the small details because they make the difference.

But…how can you find you if the review is a reliable source of information?

Well, first of all, you should pay attention details. Let’s say that you want to invest in a Toyota Tacoma, a car that may seem like the wisest decision at the beginning. You have to see how many details the review that you read can offer you. In case there are just a few, you should definitely search for something else.

For example, in case you do not know what to choose, you should know that Edmunds says the Toyota Tacoma is that type of vehicle which is able to give off-road lifestyle vibes, but also that a car with a very attractive design. In case you want to find more valuable information, you should check the full review. is a good recommendation because it offers you a lot of details. What is more, the website can be regarded as a trustworthy source because it highlights both negative and positive aspects.

Secondly, you do not have to pay for these reviews because you can find them free. They are posted on the Internet and they can highly influence your decision. Thus, no matter if you need a Toyota Tacoma or something else, you have to read them first.



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When you purchase a newly constructed property, you are required to pay HST. As a matter of fact, the harmonized sales tax is included in the purchase price. While the vast majority of builders include the HST in the purchase price, others charge it in addition to the price. It is needless to say that families with modest incomes cannot afford the part that is required. So, they save until thye have enough money to afford the real estate. The good news, however, is that the Canadian government has given homeowners the possibility to recover the money they have paid out. The bad news is that you cannot deduct the harmonized sales tax from the agreed price and calculate your reimbursement. Things are not that simple, which is the reason why you need help. To obtain your new housing rebate, visit If you have not given much thought to how to get your thousands of dollars, keep in mind the following.


Know if you are eligible for the new housing rebate

The matter of fact is that not just anyone can claim the new housing rebate. Only those who have purchased or built a new home in the past two years have the right to claim a reimbursement on the part of the federal part of the HST paid. It is important to submit the application on time as you will not be able to do anything if more than two years pass. If you have bought a new place, then the builder will demand the deduction on your behalf. What happens is that you will sign the credit over to him and enjoy the deduction. It is important to remember that you cannot claim the new housing rebate if the residential property is not your primary place of residence. I f you are eligible for a rebate, then you need to get on touch with a specialist right away.

Make sure to complete your full details

As surprising as it may seem, many reimbursements are endangered due to the negligence of applicants. When completing the government forms, applicants do not ensure that their address changes are complete. You can change address, even if at the time of the purchase you genuinely intended to use the property as your main dwelling. However, if you want to be paid, you should better send the Canada Revenue Agency the details associated with moving.

Be cautious about who is on the title

If you are claiming the HST rebate, then you need not forget about who is on the title. Should more than one person be registered on the title, then they all have to qualify. The real estate must be used as the primary place of residence by all persons involved, whether spouse or grandparent. If only one of the buyers disqualifies, then all the family members disqualify as well. Unquestionable, you have the right to challenge the decision at family court, but the chances of winning the dispute are fairly slim.

The bottom line is that you should get help because matters, especially the forms and guides are too complicated. Trained pros have experience recovering people’s money, in other words recovering what is rightfully theirs.


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